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Day 1

20 Nov

Hi!  Welcome to my very FIRST blog post.  I’ve been reading healthy living blogs (despite what Marie Claire calls them) for about two years now, and today was the day I decided to start my own.  I don’t have a crazy weight loss story, I don’t have any special issues to work around.  I don’t do any particularly thrilling workouts.  I do cook great food nearly everyday in my New York City apartment.  Food worth sharing with you!

The face of a girl who likes to cook

Cooking in NYC requires some creativity and thought.  We have our own set of predicaments here that are unique to this city, and working around those is always usually a fun challenge.  For example, the produce in our grocery stores is terrible.  With the exception of Whole Foods and Trader Joes, the neighborhood Gristedes or Food Emporium has literally disgusting, half rotten or unripe fruits and veggies.  When I first moved here, it was such a downer that there was nothing vibrant, juicy or delicious looking to be found in the grocery store around the corner.  The Columbus Circle Whole Foods is only a few blocks away and yes, they have great fresh stuff.  That store is also super expensive and SUPER BUSY!  The line wraps around the entire store at peak times (pre-work, lunchtime, and post-work); during off-peak times it only wraps around half.  Also, could you imagine WALKING ten blocks with ALL of your groceries for the week?  Milk, canned items, boxed items, plus fresh produce and whatever other extras are normally in your cart?  Impossible.

pumpkin picking at Trader Joes

Pumpkin picking at Trader Joes

Enter Fresh Direct.  FD is a grocery delivery service that serves the NY Metro area.  Its amazing!  They have everything–and all good quality too.  There is a huge Organic and Local section.  You can get everything from Almond milk to grass fed beef to local NY apples to party platters to fully cooked, ready to heat meals.  Frozen, pre-prepared, pre-cut, ready to eat–this place is truly amazing.  And without it, I wouldn’t cook half as much as I do.  Every week my groceries come TO MY DOOR at a time I specify.  They have barely even made any mistakes by forgetting something or adding something I didn’t order.



Also, we have a couple of greenmarkets around the city (more in the summertime).  The Union Square Greenmarket is a place I go to sometimes–on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays they have an abundance of vendors with everything from fruits and veggies to meat, bacon, cheese, milk, juice, etc.  The produce is usually straight from the farm (read: still has dirt on it), so its totally fresh, local and in season.

Union Square Greenmarket

Union Square Greenmarket

With all these sources combined, I try my best to cook flavorful and healthy meals for myself, my boyfriend and extras (we frequently have others join us for dinner).  I’m looking forward to sharing some of my recipes with you and using the blogging community to learn and grow as a cook and as a person.

Welcome to City Chef!*



*I am not an actual chef.  I just like to cook and I think I am pretty good at it.  I have never gone to culinary school, and have no formal training besides obsessively watching cooking shows.  My Jewish mother and Pastry Chef sister are also big influences on my kitchen escapades.