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Annie’s Bunnies

16 Mar

There’s a point in the afternoon each day when I find myself wanting a nap. Maybe its an instinct ingrained in my head since those mid day siestas on personal mats in kindergarten (this might also explain my yoga obsession), but my mind wanders, my energy wanes and my eyelids droop.


Naturally my response is to get a snack.

Enter Annie’s Bunnies!

These little nuggets of goodness are the perfect pick-me-up.  They are super tasty (I’ve had the original flavor, cheddar and sour cream and onion ones), salty and crunchy–not to mention super cute!

There are also sweet flavors like chocolate and graham, so I guess I will have to try those next.  I love Annie’s as a company in general–their products are whimsical, their packaging is colorful, and their attitude is great!  They always respond to me on twitter and I even won a book from one of their twitter giveaways which I received in the mail this week!

ANYWAY, the moral of this post is: I highly suggest you get your hands on a box of these before I buy them all.  At least all the ones in NYC.  And maybe some online.